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"The Lord will save me, and we will sing to stringed instruments all the days of our life, at the house of the Lord." ~ Isaiah, 38:20


St. Clare Needlepoint Guild

Please Read This Important Guide To The Proper Use And Care Of Our Sacred Memorial Prayer Kneelers

The Custom-Designed Christchurch Kits Now Available
275 Kneelers dedicated, 40 underway and 9 need volunteers to work them!

Beginning needlepoint lessons and refresher courses are available from our Christchurch Needlepoint Ministry. For information about how to join, or to buy a kit or have someone work the kit for you, please contact Dell Walter.

The St. Clare Needlepoint Guild is named for the patron saint of needle workers:
St. Clare of Assisi (July 16, 1194 – August 11, 1253.)
She was one of the first followers of St. Francis of Assisi.

Read more history on Clare of Assisi Prayer is the pivot point for all things Anglican and, although we often take them for granted, few things are as dear to our hearts as the soft rests upon which we kneel before God in prayer.

And we pray a lot. As our rector, John-Michael van Dyke has said, we can pray anywhere, anytime -- and should and do -- but sometimes we just need to be on our knees.

So, it was with great joy that we received the first Christchurch needlepoint kneeler from one of the founding members of Christchurch, Dell Walter, who heads the Saint Clare Needlepoint Guild.
kneeler 2
The kits, with custom designs for Christchurch by Kathryn LeGrand of Montgomery's Divine Design, come in five different jewel-tone colors -- GREEN, BLUE, TEAL-GREEN, RED and PURPLE. Each design includes a GOLD cross - also in five different designs. The ancient monogram of Christ, the CHI RHO, also in gold, flanks the cross on either side.

A cord marking the outside borders of the center cross intertwines the four remaining colors not otherwise found on the kneeler. The purple kneeler, for example, has a cord combination of blue, red, teal-green, green and light gold.

The kits are available to Christchurch members and friends for use in Christchurch only. But a lot of people who love to needlepoint like the project so much that they are participating in the project too."People from other churches in Montgomery have gotten involved in the project," Dell Walter said, "and have volunteered to make our kneelers, too"

Some kneelers are being donated in honor of others. For example, Shawn Cole donated two -- one in honor of her husband, Les -- and Sheila Edmondson is donating one in honor of her mother.

If people wish to donate a kneeler but are unable to do the needlepoint work, their kneeler can be made by our needlepoint volunteers.

First kneeler dedicated in honor of Terri Liles
After Dell Walter finished the first kneeler, it was dedicated to Terri Liles, in tribute to all her work as founding head of the Christchurch Altar Guild.

Kits for other churches
The kits above were designed especially for Christchurch and are not available for use outside Christchurch. However, if you wish to have special designs for your church, you may want to contact our designer, Kathryn LeGrand, or contact the church office.


With the April 6, 2014, dedication of kneelers, there are now 275 beautiful green, red, blue, purple, and teal-green kneelers in the church. Another 40 are underway, and 9 are awaiting volunteers to stitch them. Guild members stitch kneelers in memory or honor of loved ones, either their own or others'.

Without the work of the St. Clare Guild, the kneelers would be much more costly. Local and regional needlepoint shops charge $1.25 per square inch to work a canvas. At that rate, the cost to either the church or to the purchaser would be an additional $500.00 for our almost 400 square inch canvas. In fact, the volunteer labor of the St. Clare Guild members, given as a part of the Guild’s ministry, accounts for more than half the cost of the kneelers. This labor is extremely time-consuming, as one might expect, and, like the kneelers themselves, is offered to the glory and worship of Almighty God.

Each kneeler actually costs $888.00, itemized as follows:
Canvas, yarn, and kit $ 205.00
Stitching ($1.25 per square inch x 400 sq .inches) $ 500.00
Finishing in Greenville $ 165.00
Fabric for finishing $     8.00
Plaque $   10.00
Total $ 888.00

Contributions in the amount of $395.00 per kneeler can be made to Christchurch to remember or honor a loved one in this lasting way. They will be gratefully received. Please mark on your check the “St. Clare Guild Kneeler Fund” so that your gift may be designated appropriately.


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