House To House


House to House Is a Christian mentoring ministry in Washington Park, an under-resourced neighborhood on the west side of Montgomery, Alabama. Founded in 2009 as a part of Common Ground Montgomery, a youth development ministry, House to House began by building relationships with the parents of neighborhood youth. Hearing about the need for better housing, House to House purchased and renovated abandoned homes. They were able to do this through the help of hundreds of volunteers and several qualified investors.

Seeing the need for better stewardship of limited financial resources, they also taught classes on household budgeting. These activities opened doors to Christian mentoring relationships that may have remained closed. Mentors walk alongside the families they serve, making sure problems are addressed before they become crises. Most importantly, however, the mentor shares the love of Christ with their family and helps build them into future mentors.

In 2011, House to House became a separate not-for-profit ministry partnering with Common Ground. As an independent ministry, they built a foundation with four corners: The Housing Program, The Volunteer Program, The Education Program and The Economic Development Program.  On this foundation we are building a Mentoring Program which feeds and is served by the other four programs.

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