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“And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” –Matthew 18:5

Hope Mardre

Hope Mardre
Chi Rho Kids Program Director

One of the ways Christchurch works to enrich the lives of young children in our community is through the Chi Rho Kids Preschool Program. Classes are held Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at Christchurch. Our mission is to equip families of preschool children with the skills necessary to achieve school readiness and effectively pursue God’s purposes in their lives.

Hope Mardre is the Program Director and serves as one of the teachers. Elizabeth Clements also serves as a teacher. Kelly Oates is the assisting teacher daily.

There are many other volunteers who help with this program. Our Christchurch family pours their gifts and resources unto the lives of the children each year.  Weekly enrichment includes Dee Mooty inspiring the children through music, and Martha Ann Cole making the Bible come alive. Leslie van Dyke, Maggie Brown, Marion Allison and Judy Stewart along with others host special events during the year that include Thanksgiving Pow Wow,  Gingerbread House building, and the Graduation Reception. Our annual Easter Egg Hunt has been hosted by the same Reunion Group for 10 years!  We are thankful for the many people in our parish who share their time and energy with this ministry.

Parent Enrichment Tuesdays are held each month and mandatory attendance is expected from each child’s parent.  Through presentations and activities led by Hope Mardre and guest speakers, parents are encouraged, they are taught new ideas to consider in parenting, and they are inspired to experience Christ in new and exciting ways as well. As part of the Enrichment Tuesday morning, parents receive a children’s book and learn ways to make reading come alive in their homes.  Christchurch members, including Xris Blonk and Marianne Gum, entertain the younger siblings in the nursery while parents attend.

Field trips, swimming lessons, guest speakers, a top quality classroom experience, and lots of love poured out by our church family makes every day a great day for the Chi Rho Kids! The Chi Rho Kids Preschool is a living picture of how we can be Christ’s hands and feet and a testimony of God’s abundant love. Come join or visit this exciting ministry.

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