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"See that you fulfill the ministry which you have received in the Lord." ~ Colossians 4.17

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Covenant Groups

Thousands of churches all over the country are building small group ministry into their spiritual "DNA" as they seek to incorporate, intentionally, God's purposes for living as He has revealed them to us in His Word.
Small groups establish and build:
- connectivity with each other in community as the Body of Christ
- a cultivation of a deeper relationship with God through study in His Word
- championship into ministry with catalyst for evangelism

Our small groups are called "Covenant Groups" to reflect our covenant relationship with God and His with us, through His Son, Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Covenant Groups are beginning again in September for meetings, usually in homes, about twice a month during the academic year.  Group meetings include fun fellow-ship, serious study of the Word, and personal prayer in a setting full of the love of Christ! 

We highly encourage all Christchurch members and friends to participate.  Groups are forming now!  Call  Fr. Rusty at  
the church office if you are interested in becoming part of this dynamic ministry!  Join a Covenant Group today!
Covenant Group

Reunion Groups

Reunion Groups are small groups that meet throughout the week in various locations such as coffee shops, homes, offices, etc. They are typically composed of about five people or less


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