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He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." Mark 16:15

If you're a fan of social media, please interact with Christchurch on the web!
It doesn't cost a thing to "like" a post, "retweet" a tweet, "pin" a board, or "subscribe" to our channel, and the power of "viral" posts can do amazing things for "getting the Word out." The more our members, friends, and family interact with Christchurch social media, the more chance our content has of reaching wider and wider audiences.  This kind of promotion and support doesn't cost the church or members anything, and it's increasingly the way the world is communicating.  Please get involved, and help us gain traction on the web!

***ChristchurchXP's "Likes, Follows, Retweets, Pins, etc." do not equal endorsement of or affiliation with any organization other than ChristchurchXP Montgomery, AL.


fb 150  Facebook:

     The Christchurch Facebook page serves as our online social media hub and go-to up-to-date page for all things concerning daily parish life at Christchurch.  You'll find our wonderful ongoing photo stream, videos, weekly schedules, daily activity updates, sermon and class recordings, and other inspiring updates shared from our Anglican FBWeb of hundreds of other churches, pastors, and parishes.  Sign-up for FB and please "Like" and "Share" our page, status updates, and posts!




     The Christchurch Twitter page keeps up with breaking news, opinions, and information from around the globe from major media organizations, religious groups, pastors, Anglicans, and other Christian news makers. Check out our page and Anglican "Twitter-sphere" for diverse and relevant commentary on culture,  world view, and other news of the day.  Sign up, start "tweeting" and join the sure to follow us and please "retweet" our tweets!


pinyerest 150   Pinterest:

     The Christchurch Pinterest page is a divinely inspired collection of all that makes Pinterest so wonderful.  You'll find Bible verses, inspirational quotes, healthy recipes & remedies, DIY tips for parents & kids, gardening tips, beautiful photography, and more.  Sign up and "get pinning" today..."follow" our page and boards so you can "pin" our content to share with your family and friends!


youtube-logo150   YouTube:

     The Christchurch YouTube Channel is a wonderful resource to find riveting video sermons and lectures from around the world as well as a network of other Anglican YouTube Channels.  Christchurch will soon be adding videos of our own as well as streaming live video of our worship services and other events.  Sign up at YouTube and "subscribe" to our free channel for endless hours of stimulating programming that will make you want to give up boring old regular television for good!


Every week in 2014, we'll be bringing you a "Social Media Minute" to explain different concepts and platforms.  Please join us, and check back here each week for more information, training, and tips on how you can get involved in helping us gain traction on the web!


Wonder if Social Media really matters?  Click above for some growing statistics....


Last Published: July 7, 2015 7:53 PM



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